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BiggerThanRoe Event

A Project of JFAVC (updated Q1 2024)

Welcome to the most powerful suite of pro-choice tools available to activists in the Central Coast. These tools were developed through the crowdsourced contributions of countless community members across the region.

The result is the best clearinghouse of local pro-choice knowledge available to the community, driven by contributions from community members with professional experience ranging from Justice for All to Planned Parenthood. Here are Toolkit components available to local activists so far...

Our community maintains the most accurate, localized whitelist of vetted abortion providers ever developed for the Central Coast. This whitelist enables side-by-side comparisons of both clinic services and geographic accessibility, based on proximity to major colleges and universities.

The Central Coast is home to almost 2.5 million residents yet only six abortion providers serve the entire region, or one provider for every 400,000 residents. Finding a provider is even tougher when "fake clinics" outnumber legitimate providers by a two-to-one margin.

In our region of California, fake clinics outnumber abortion providers two-to-one. That means training our community to recognize and report these fake clinics is essential to not only countering the sources of local anti-choice disinformation, but to saving people's lives.

This Toolkit component provides insights and analytics into the Central Coast's "crisis pregnancy centers", or CPCs. It also offers a localized checklist of red flags you can use to evaluate if you've discovered a CPC operating covertly in your own community.

"Secrecy is important for [CPCs] to function," says Director Shakouri of "They don't want their name or their fake clinics to be associated with them." That's why our community created this Watchlist: to expose CPC influence across the Central Coast.

The Watchlist provides the most accurate, localized and authoritative data on CPC proliferation in our region. It offers insights ranging from which youth populations these CPCs target, to which legitimate clinics these CPCs impersonate. The goal of the Watchlist: to save lives.

By operating from the shadows, CPCs serve as proliferators of "pro-life" disinformation in the community. Not only do they lie about abortion, birth control and even how women's bodies work, but 42% of CPCs in the Central Coast are linked with far-right groups that originated these lies.

This component explores the research methods we use to expose far-right groups, and the fake clinics they deploy to spread anti-choice falsehoods to those who accidentally visit fake clinics. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant" when it comes to exposing anti-choice fraud.

CPCs don't exist in a vacuum. The disinformation they and other anti-choice front organizations spread throughout the Central Coast is made possible through local donors and businesses that use covert political donations to fund anti-choice candidates and their policies.

That's why we're exposing the companies in the Central Coast that secretly fund anti-choice activity in our region. From chocolate shops to consulting firms, these are the businesses that fund local disinformation about abortion, birth control and women's bodies.

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